Chris Evans Spills On His First Heartbreak Following High School Play: ‘I Had To Get More Leads’

While Chris Evans may be a heartthrob now, high school was a different story.

The actor, 38,  joined W Magazine for their annual Best Performances issue and gushed all about how his first kiss turned into his first heartbreak.

“The first time I sang on stage was in the sixth grade. It was my first play,” he explained. “I sang a song called ‘Don’t Want No Real Job,’ and the popular girl in school magically liked me.”

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Evans added, “I had a lead role, and we began dating during the play. When the play ended, she dumped me. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out this equation: I had to get more leads.”

And his first kiss with that girl was a steamy one, “You’d walk into the woods and kiss and come back, and everyone’s like, ‘Oooh.’ So we did that.”

But before the heartbreak, Evans was a Sandra Bullock fan.

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“We visited New York and I bought a giant, giant, giant poster of Sandra Bullock,” he laughed. “I put it on the ceiling of my bedroom. Not that Sandy’s not cool, but that’s a loser thing to do.”

Evans’ latest project, “Knives Out”, is on big screens now.

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