Andy Grammer shared a personal story with Kelly Clarkson that was so emotional it brought her to tears.

Appearing on “The Kelly Clarkson Show”, the singer-songwriter opened up about the passing of his mother in 2009, and subsequently trying to contact her in the afterlife through a medium.

According to Grammer, he believes that he he actually did communicate with his mom, who, he revealed, told him she wanted him to write a song about all the things she had wanted to tell her young granddaughter — who was born after she died — but never had the chance to say.

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As a result, Grammer teamed up with South African vocal group Ladysmith Black Mambazo — his mother’s favourite group — for the song “She’d Say”.

“They’re singing in Zulu ‘I miss my mom,’ and that’s what she’d say in Zulu,” Grammer told Clarkson, who was brought to tears when he explained that at the end of the track “you can hear my little girl’s voice say ‘Grandma Kathy.'”

“It’s like you’re trying to kill me,” joked Clarkson as she wiped away tears.

In another portion of the interview, Grammer reveals how having a daughter — with another on the way — has led him to try to become a better advocate for women, something he’s trying to do on his tour.

“I had never asked women on my tour, ‘What can I do differently for you on this tour?'” he said, revealing that some interesting observations came out of the ensuing discussiong — including a request for trashcans with lids.

“Sometimes we have a certain time of month, and you want a lid on a trashcan,” Clarkson pointed out.

You can watch the discussion in its entirety below: