Kylie Jenner is once again in hot water over a since-deleted photo of herself with her hair in twists.

Jenner, 22, posted the photo on Friday showing off the style which is known as a protective style in the black community according to People. Fans were quick to accuse her of cultural appropriation.

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Fashion photographers the Morelli Brothers still have the image on their page.

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While there was no backlash on Luca and Alessandro Morelli’s page, Jenner had multiple comments.

“She wants to be a black woman so bad,” one person said on Twitter.

Another added, “She finna claim this hairstyle like they do everything that’s not theirs.”

Although many people also came to Jenner’s defence, pointing out that Europeans have been also wearing braids for thousands of years.

This isn’t the first time a Jenner has faced backlash for how they styled their hair. In August, Kendall Jenner was under fire when she stepped out with cornrows.