Sam Heughan Dismisses Reports He Was Groped By Fan At New Orleans Convention: ‘No One Touched Me’

A silly joke and a misleading camera angle have led to reports that Sam Heughan had his butt grabbed by a rambunctious fan at a convention, but the “Outlander” star is setting the record straight.

Heughan, 39, is among the stars attending the Wizard World fan convention in New Orleans this weekend, and controversy erupted  when a video was posted on social media.

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In the video, a female fan is onstage with Heughan when she jokingly comes up behind him and appears to grab his butt. Heughan turns as she yanks her hands away and gives him a smile.

Some fans were outraged at the woman’s seemingly brazen behaviour, and criticized her on Twitter by accusing her of “sexual harassment” and worse.

However, Heughan cleared the air by explaining the woman’s gesture was a joke in the midst of a trivia game they were competing in, and the camera angle was “misleading.” Heughan insisted he was never touched, requesting that “everyone should calm down.”

Heughan then responded to a “misleading and dangerous” headline declaring that the woman “appears” to grab him, writing, “‘appears’ but didn’t,” adding, “Please don’t report unverified content again.”

He followed that up by sharing a photo of the incident, taken from a different angle, and retweeting video proving that the woman never came close to touching him.

“It was a joke,” Heughan wrote. “We were having fun and she made a gesture, in jest. Nothing more.”

Heughan was attending the convention to promote the upcoming fifth season of “Outlander”, which premieres Feb. 16 on W Network.


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