Margot Robbie Shares Childhood Photos To Discuss Australia’s Wildfires

Margot Robbie, Australian actor and director, took to Instagram to share some of her childhood photos.

Robbie flips through her adorable album and recounts the fun times she had growing up in Australia with her family. She shares personal photos, including ones that show her spending time at “the farm,” riding motorbikes, learning to drive and getting an interesting haircut.

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This is Robbie’s way of addressing Australia’s devastating wildfires. She realizes there are endless horrific photos out there and wants to show how Australia is such a special place to live.

At the end of the video, she shares that she hopes people can donate to help support Australian Fire Services and “give future generations the kind of childhood I was so lucky to have.”

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Other celebrities have used their platforms to encourage people to help out and have donated themselves.

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