With two Golden Globe nominations and an Oscar nod under her belt, Margot Robbie knows how to pick roles.

And in a new interview with V Magazine, the actress, 29, explained how she finds those perfect parts.

“I always want to feel a little bit scared when I take on a role,” she said.

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Photo: Chris Colls/V Magazine
Photo: Chris Colls/V Magazine

Adding, “And to be pushing myself in some way.”

And while Robbie says she mastered the art of picking the right films, she has yet to figure out the whole “fame” thing.

“Fame is such a weird thing,” Robbie said. “It has this way of coming on very quickly. And I felt very untethered by it.”

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Photo: Chris Colls/ V Magazine
Photo: Chris Colls/ V Magazine

But once she made a career turn to serve as a producer on projects, it helped manage the fame, “I was searching for different ways of taking control of my life, to get where I wanted to be.”

Robbie continued, “As a producer, you get to be a part of everything. And not just on set, but in the years it takes up to that point. I like exercising that business-savvy part of my brain—even doing the tax-incentive s**t.”

Robbie’s latest project, “Bombshell”, earned her her latest Golden Globe nom. “Bombshell” is in theatres now.