Ashley Graham and Shay Mitchell are keeping it real about their journey to motherhood.

During an in-depth conversation on Graham’s podcast “Pretty Big Deal with Ashley Graham“, the two opened up about the highs and lows of becoming a mom.

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The 32-year-old “Pretty Little Liars” alum gave birth to a baby girl with her boyfriend Matte Babel in October and tells Graham what the host can expect as she preps for childbirth any day now.

“It didn’t click in until you hear the baby cry,” shares Mitchell. “It’s when you put the baby in the car seat and you’re like ‘How do we do this?'”

The two also address their mental health struggles, with Graham admitting she suffered from prepartum depression: “I can’t say definitely that I went through it but I can say that I might have gone through something like it.”

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“I’m pregnant and it’s not like I was trying to get pregnant or I wasn’t trying. It just happened so it was a surprise,” continues Graham. “Then all of a sudden, my emotions, my mind, my body, things that I always had control over are now totally out of whack. I can’t talk to anybody about it, my husband doesn’t understand but he’s trying to be as supportive as possible. My mom is like, ‘Oh, you’ll be fine.’ I think I was spiralling a little bit and I was crying a lot.”

For Mitchell, she can relate all too well with Graham.

“Every single thing that you just said is exactly what I went through. My mom said the same thing, and I’d be crying to her and she’d be like, ‘You’re just emotional, it’s just the hormones.’ And, okay cool, it might be, but you don’t want to hear that. Like, yes it is; if it is the hormones I’m still feeling that way. It doesn’t take away from this feeling, and it’s completely isolating.”

The two moms agreed prepartum depression is something that isn’t discussed enough, with Mitchell sharing, “I heard so much about postpartum, which is also a real thing but I’d never heard about prepartum depression.”

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