Stassi Schroeder is known for a lot of things as a cast member of Bravo’s “Vanderpump Rules” reality series, but her honesty has always been the frontrunner.

Season 8 of the show premieres Tuesday night at 9 p.m. ET and Stassi gave ET Canada a sneak peek of what viewers can expect from this much-anticipated season. S8 will be filled with new cast members, wedding proposals and the fallout of multiple longtime friendships.

“It’s a totally different type of season. Most of us aren’t working at the restaurant anymore and a lot of my friends – they’ve got houses and everyone has different directions they’re going in with their careers so it’s just a whole new dynamic among all of us… I feel like its just really authentic and real. No one is having to go pretend to clock in at SUR if they don’t need to.”

The reality show became a hit for Bravo in 2013, following the lives of the staff of SUR – a West Hollywood restaurant owned by former “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” cast member Lisa Vanderpump.

Whether it was fights in the restaurant or tangled romantic webs when the staff clocked out, fans of the show have watched the cast grow up over the past 8 seasons – which Stassi warns is changing the cast dynamic.

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“As we get older and start doing different things, sometimes people in your life aren’t fitting into your life the same way that they used to, because you just want different things, and I think that it’s just growing pains for all of us as a group of friends.” Although most of the original cast aren’t ‘sur-vers’ anymore, Stassi assures that the new season will have no shortage of drama. Season 8 will also give VPR viewers a look at what went behind the feud between Stassi and her former best friend Kristin – which Stassi admits she’s nervous to see played out on the show.

“This time around it wasn’t just one thing. Like Season 2 Kristin and Jax had sex with each other and she lied to me,” she tells us. “It wasn’t something like that where there was this one thing that I can look at. It was a couple years of having issues and toxicity in our friendship… and I got to a point personally where I just felt like ok this is kind of bleeding into my life, it’s bleeding into my relationship, its stressing me out I need to take a step back.”

She continues, “To have people and viewers weigh in on it and have an opinion – it’s gonna be hard to watch people have an opinion about something that is so real to me.”

And now that Season 8 has wrapped filming, Stassi is staying busy, with a New York Times Bestselling book, spring podcast tour and a wedding to plan with new fiancé Beau Clark – the proposal for which fans will get to see on the show. As for planning the wedding without one of her best friends by her side?

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“I mean it’s been a really long time since Kristin and I have really been a part of each other’s lives. So it’s something that I’ve kind of have gotten used to. It doesn’t feel like one day we were best friends and the next day we weren’t. It’s been a slow and steady thing.”
“Vanderpump Rules” viewers have become familiar with the highs and lows of Stassi and Kristin’s friendship for quite some time. But despite this season’s fallout, Stassi admitted that she isn’t throwing in the towel quite yet. “I hate to say that this is the last straw because obviously it’s still something that I’m sensitive about… I don’t know what’ll happen a few months from now or a year from now or however long.”

”Vanderpump Rules” has seen success across 8 seasons, becoming a top seed for Bravo with its own spin-off shows as well. Stassi is grateful for how well the show has done, and attributes the success of the show to their relatability.

She says, “We’re all messes in our own way and I think you can relate to every single one of us…we’re not the Kardashians and we’re not like the Housewives where, we’re just totally loaded and set and glamorous and all of that like, we’re all still struggling and I think that people like to see that.“

Season 8 of “Vanderpump Rules” premieres Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on Slice.

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