Rob Lowe was on hand to promote his new Fox series “9-1-1: Lone Star” at the Television Critics Association winter press tour, which kicked off Tuesday in Pasadena, Calif.

During the discussion, the 55-year-old actor was discussing some of his various roles over the years, and dropped some unexpected information.

“I just did a movie for Netflix that was the number one movie that they had,” Lowe said. “A little stupid Christmas elephant movie and it beat — take that Martin Scorsese.”

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According to The Wrap, Lowe didn’t drop any data to back up up his claim, but Netflix has previously reported that Martin Scorsese’s acclaimed mob drama “The Irishman” attracted 13.2 million viewers in its first five days of release.

The Netflix movie he’s referencing, “Holiday in the Wild”, made its debut on the streaming service on Nov. 1.

During the panel for “9-1-1: Lonestar”, Lowe’s co-star, Liv Tyler, was asked what her dad, Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler, thinks of her new role as a Texas paramedic.

The question led Lowe to toss out a wisecrack: “He’s no stranger to paramedics.”

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Beyond the joke, Lowe offered a sweet anecdote about how the rock icon helped encourage his sobriety. “I’ve been sober for 30 years,” Lowe said, as reported by ET.

“When I first got sober, I thought, my life is over. My fun is done, and I’m not going to be cool anymore,” he explained. “I came home when I was probably sober two or three weeks and I got a call from Steven Tyler, who I did not know. He called to say ‘I heard you are in recovery and I just wanted to say hey, I’m thinking of you dude.’ If it’s good enough for f**king Steven Tyler, it’s good enough for me.”

“9-1-1: Lone Star” debuts Jan. 19.

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