The Property Brothers are expanding their media empire.

Canadians Drew and Jonathan Scott are on the cover of the new People magazine and open up about everything from their love lives to the launch of their new quarterly lifestyle magazine Reveal this Friday.

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The magazine’s tagline is “It all starts at home,” and Jonathan jokes that it “sounded a lot more appropriate than ‘Jonathan’s the better-looking brother.’”

Jonathan adds, “’It all starts at home’ is a slogan for our lives. We’ve been moving down this path, inspiring people for years and years and we thought, We want to take it to the next level. We want to do something that’s a little bit different and talk about how it all starts at home, but home impacts every other aspect of your life.”

Meanwhile, another big new thing in Jonathan’s life has been his relationship with actress Zooey Deschanel.

“The funniest is everyone’s like, ‘She’s dating who?!'” Jonathan laughs, talking about inviting the “New Girl” star to his brother’s wedding. “That was a big step because all of a sudden that was the first time she was meeting all my family. It was amazing. The fun thing too for me is she can go out, and she can work the room and talk to people, introduce herself. It’s a totally different experience for me.”

Talking about how their relationship began, the 41-year-old recalls, “We were shooting ‘Carpool Karaoke’ and there was chemistry right away. We literally make each other laugh nonstop. I have never been in a relationship where my partner is as romantic as — if not more romantic than — I am. I’m usually the one who carries the romantic load.”

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For Drew, now that he’s a married man, he reveals that he and wife Linda Phan are hoping to start a family soon.

“Well, I’m not saying we have one ready to go, but hopefully soon!” he says. “I think it’s spending less time working and more time with ourselves. If we’re always on the road filming and working, it’s really tough to grow a family. I don’t want to keep delaying,” he says. “So I think very soon you’ll see us announcing to the world.”