Brad Pitt introduced Quentin Tarantino at the New York Film Critics Circle Awards on Tuesday by roasting the “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood” director.

Riffing on Tarantino’s California upbringing, Pitt joked, “Quentin grew up in a sad and desolate part of Torrance called Torrance.” He continued taking jabs at his friend by calling the talkative Tarantino “very verbose. He’s the only guy I know who needs cocaine to stop talking.”

The actor also compared Tarantino’s home to that of the messy junk dealer in 1970s sitcom “Sanford & Son” because of all the notes strewn about his home and his handwritten scripts.

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Tarantino was present to accept the award for Best Director for “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood”.

“Finally, after all that time, a film about Hollywood,” Pitt joked. “Maybe his final film will bring us peace in the Middle East,” he said, acknowledging Tarantino’s 2018 marriage to Israeli singer Daniella Pick. The couple are expecting their first child together.