Jennifer Hudson Admits She Is ‘Humbled’ And ‘Intimidated’ To Depict Aretha Franklin In Biopic

Jennifer Hudson admits playing Aretha Franklin in a feature film is daunting, but says she is up for the challenge.

Hudson sits down with As If magazine for its Jennifer Hudson x Ashley Longshore cover collab. The “If This Isn’t Love” singer opens up about the “Respect” biopic and what really grinds her gear.

“I couldn’t be more humbled, intimidated and excited,” Hudson says of playing Franklin in a movie. “It’s a blessing, but scary at the same time. I go to sleep listening to Aretha, and I wake up listening to Aretha. I just want to do her justice and do the best job I possibly can.”

Hudson recently re-watched the “Amazing Grace” concert film and admits the scope of it is nerve-wracking.

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Jennifer Hudson. Photo: As If/Tatijana Shoan
Jennifer Hudson. Photo: As If/Tatijana Shoan

“That’s the part that makes it worrisome, it’s so massive. I feel overwhelmed,” says Hudson. “To take on the lifespan of the career and legacy of this iconic figure is a huge responsibility. Even the way she spoke was so beautiful. I’m trying to pay as much homage to her as I possibly can.”

“After watching ‘Amazing Grace’ for the second time I felt like I was watching a different film because I interpreted it completely differently,” Hudson adds. “I have far more of an understanding of her now, and there’s so much more to go.”

Fortunately, JHud has received plenty of advice from the one-and-only Franklin.

“We spoke a lot. I feel like she gave me pieces into her life. When I would talk to Aretha I felt I knew exactly what she was talking about,” Hudson says. “When people are that iconic it’s easy to forget they had a life and that they are more than just an entertainer.”

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Jennifer Hudson. Photo: As If/Tatijana Shoan
Jennifer Hudson. Photo: As If/Tatijana Shoan

“They are a person, they’re a sister, they’re a child, they’re a wife, they’re a friend,” she explains. “In our conversations, she was teaching me more about life than her life.”

Hudson also reveals what pisses her off most: “I don’t like when people make assumptions, that frustrates me. And DON’T TURN MY MUSIC OFF,— oh my god, when people fuss with the music I am listening to it strikes a certain chord that really pisses me off.”

“I don’t like to be Facetimed either,” she adds.’Like, can I get a warning first before you break into my space, please.”

“Respect” premieres Oct. 9.

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