Adrianne Curry Declares She’s Now ‘100% Natural’ After Successful Breast Implant Removal

Adrianne Curry is detailing her traumatic experience with breast implant removal surgery.

The inaugural “America’s Next Top Model” winner detailed the process on her blog. The procedure took place on Monday and Curry made sure to let her readers know, “this message brought to you by Oxycodone.”

“I was scared beyond anything. I fear going under so badly. In fact, it’s my number one fear in life… that I will wink out of existence,” she explained. “They gave me some happy juice so I would calm down a bit before wheeling me in. Like many before me… I don’t remember jack s**t! Well, I do remember telling someone I sell Avon and left entertainment because they’re all buttholes. That’s it.”

Things only got worse once the procedure was finished.

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Photo: Adrianne Curry
Photo: Adrianne Curry

“That is when the pain started. My husband was amazing, helping me drink and eat,” Curry shared. “However, I wondered why I was hurting so bad when so many other women proclaimed how easy it all was. I wondered if I was just a wuss,” she said, noting she “worried people were thinking I was being a diva” and “felt embarrassed every time I’d hiss in pain or hit the nurse button.”

She was later informed by the doctor that her right implant had “fully ruptured leaking silicone in my body for god knows how long. It was also a very different colour from the other. People used to not believe me when I told em I got implants for a size difference, so look at these and eat s**t, a**holes!”

“I was so happy to have some gross toxic sack leaking in my body taken out. Yet, my pain got worse,” she continued. “My chest swelled so badly, you cant see my clavicle. My hands and fingers looked like sausages. My eyes, cheeks, everything was swelling.”

“I had a hematoma so big it looked like I got only one fake t**ty! A hematoma is a collection of blood outside of a blood vessel that’s usually a result of trauma of any kind,” Curry said. “It’s not uncommon in post-surgery patients but is quite serious and must be dealt with accordingly. Curry was told she needed a second surgery.”

Whatsmore, her insurance wouldn’t cover a thing.

“Of course, NO LUCK ME not only had insurance deny method surgery… for getting rid of my t**ty that had popped and oozed inside me… AND I needed two surgeries in a day!!” she explained. “I tried to negotiate NOT going to surgery again with the Dr. Good ole drugged up me.”

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Photo: Adrianne Curry
Photo: Adrianne Curry

Perhaps the most terrifying thing about the whole ordeal is that she was told she could not be sedated prior to being put under. This because of the food, drink and drugs Curry consumed prior to the second surgery.

“Talk about being scared s**tless! I just wept and cried. Why is my body always such a d**k with everything!?!?” she asked. “I remember battling the anesthesia cause I am claustrophobic and didn’t want the mask on my face… Talk about empathy and compassion.”

The entire experience taught Curry a valuable lesson, one she shared with her audience.

“Surgery for ‘looking hot’ is f**king stupid!” Curry exclaimed. “The risks and complications that can come with each one seem to be ignored by the next Brazilian butt-lift patient.”

In a followup Instagram post, Curry indicated the surgery had been a success, and shared a photo of her new implant-free physique after having “the mother f**king CHERNOBYL of Silione Implants cleaned out of my… chest cavity!”

She added: “They’re a little worse for wear w/ the stitches and whatnot, but I’m finally 100% natural! Nothing is fake. No dumb Instagram filter, no photoshopped flesh, no silicone… & I never used botox or fillers.”

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Itty Bitty Titties ACTIVATE!!! . "Your skin is glowing!"….probably because I just had the mother fucking CHERNOBYL of Silione Implants cleaned out of my goddamned chest cavity! They're a little worse for wear w/ the stitches and whatnot, but I'm finally 100% natural! Nothing is fake. No dumb Instagram filter, no photoshopped flesh, no silicone…& I never used botox or fillers. (Botox and latisse are made by allergen…the same company giving women stage 4 fatal cancer from their implants! Go ahead and trust THOSE guys, ladies!) Skinny ass fit chicks like me with huge fake tits that hit their clavicle past the age of 20 is goddamn comical looking. My husband @ducksauce said, and I quote… "Fake tits only look ok in clothes. They feel & look like shit out of em….I dont know why women think they look good…" he said my tits now, complete w/ stitches & occasional oozing blood are more appealing than my fake tits prior. I believe him…as we made sweet post surgical love…where I laid there like a corpse as he tried to figure out a way to do me without hurting me…lol.. He has 0 filter & has been known to hurt my delicate flower feelings more than a few times. "Get your explant. Babe…those things are fucking bad looking anyway…" was what he said of my old ones…lol. I cried & he said "What? You hate em so much you wont take your bra off!"…truth! Honestly? They ARE better looking. No more surgeries, no more vanity, no more hair dye & 0 FUCKS LEFT TO GIVE! Piss off with your beauty standards and expectations. I am fucking beautiful JUST the way I am. I wear my scars proudly…proof of not loving myself. I am GOING to age…then, I will fucking DIE. Welcome to reality! . Wearing ALL avon….valentines day palettes (all rose gold hued!!!!) available in my store now. Link to shop in bio #bii #breastimplants #breastexplant #breastimplantillness #breastimplantremoval #aginggracefully

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