Robert Downey Jr. And Steve Irwin’s Son Have Sweet Reunion 16 Years After First Meeting

It’s the reunion of the two Roberts.

Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Irwin joined together for the first time in 16 years for a special segment on “TODAY Australia”, where the actor chatted with Steve Irwin’s only son about his new film “Doolittle”.

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The pair had previously met when the youngest Irwin was only a baby and Downey Jr. visited the Irwin family’s Australia Zoo with son Indio Falconer Downey, who was just a boy at the time.

“I’ve got to say, the last time I caught up with you, I was teething,” Irwin told Downey before during his first-ever interview. “So, it was a very long time ago… I know my dad loved touring you around the zoo. That was one of the highlights of his life.”

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“Well, I mean, I’ve been pretty busy for the last decade doing a certain genre of film and often times, folks would say, ‘Oh, I can’t bring my daughter to see that until she’s 13, or whatever,” Downey explained of his new role of the Dr. Doolittle. “And I realized that when I was a kid-kid, the types of movies, whether it was Fantasia or Chitty Chitty Bang Bang…those were the types of films that were really shaping my idea of storytelling through entertainment.”

“Dolittle” hits big screens Jan. 17.

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