Fans of “Saved By the Bell” were delighted to learn that Zach Morris and Kelly Kapowski will be back for the upcoming revival of the beloved sitcom, and Mark-Paul Gosselaar is sharing some details about how he and co-star Tiffani Thiessen will be involved.

In an interview with TVLIne, Gosselaar discussed the extent of their involvement in the upcoming revival/continuation of the beloved sitcom.

“As far as I know, she will be in an episode or two with me,” said Gosselaar, who has been confirmed to guest-star in three episodes, in addition to being an exec producer.

“She was, at the time, working on [Netflix’s ‘Alexa & Katie’],” he added.

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As he explained, the fact that they’ll only be in a few episodes “wasn’t necessarily because of our desire to do it. It was more of a commitment to other things.” For his part Gosselaar is referring to his full-time gig as a series regular on ABC sitcom “Mixed-ish”.

“The fact that ABC is allowing me to do something for NBC, I’m super gracious that they’re allowing me to do that,” he said of the revival, which will air on NBCUniversal’s upcoming streaming service, Peacock.

In an earlier interview with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Gosselaar confirmed he’d be involved in the new “Saved By the Bell”.

“Everybody can sleep well at night,” said Gosselaar.  “I think Tiffani [Thiessen] has been engaged with,” he added. “It looks like you will have us in some capacity.”

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Last year, NBC Universal announced plans to launch a new streaming service, Peacock, revealing a “Saved By the Bell” revival would be one of the first shows to debut on the new streamer.

At the time, Gosselaar admitted that reading the announcement was the first he had heard of the new “Saved By the Bell”.

“I read it in the trades just like everybody else this morning,” Gosselaar told Variety. “Honestly, I was never approached. I woke up to the news this morning with a kind of ‘huh’ response.”

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Back then, he wasn’t certain that Disney-owned ABC would allow him to participate in a series for rival media company NBCUniversal.

“I’m on ABC, so it doesn’t really fit into that considering Disney+, so I understand the business side of things,” he added. “But I had no idea it was that far along.”

Original series stars Mario Lopez (A.C. Slater) and Elizabeth Berkley (Jessie Spano) were previously confirmed as part of the cast.

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