‘Starbuck’ Gets Remade Into ‘Delivery Man’

The first trailer has been released for Delivery Man, Hollywood’s remake of the 2011 French-Canadian comedy hit Starbuck.

Both films follow the same premise: an immature guy discovers that the sperm he donated to a fertility clinic has been used to father 533 children, 142 of which are suing to discover his identity.

Because this is essentially a straight-up remake, there’s bound to be comparisons right?  Not if filmmaker Ken Scott has anything to do with it.  Helming the Americanized version, Scott told IFC, “what I promised myself and what I expressed to everyone working on the movie is that it won’t be a simple copy of the original… I also didn’t want to try to be different for the sake of being different.”;

Delivery Man, set to open in theatres in the fall, will see Vince Vaughn reprise the role of David Wozniack, played by Patrick Huard in the original, with How I Met Your Mother“s Cobie Smulders and Parks And Rec’s Chris Pratt co-starring.

In Starbuck, David starts to question whether he wants to know his progeny or not, so he begins to investigate their lives anonymously as a guardian angel of sorts.  Examples include: taking a daughter to a hospital when she overdoses, covering for another at work, cheering on another at his work, and visiting a disabled youth who has been institutionalized.

Now just because Scott said the remake won’t be a simple copy, doesn’t mean that he isn’t using some of the best parts from the original. Case in point: the actor who plays David’s disabled child, Sébastien René.  Sébastien is the only actor who will reprise his role in the remake, and the reason for this?  Producer, Steven Spielberg. “Steven thought [Sébastien] was so great, so it’s great to have him back,”; Scott says, “he’s the only actor in both movies.”;

That’s pretty much where the similarities end, the location of the film has been changed from Quebec to Greenpoint, New York, “because a large Polish community lives there,”; Scott says.  Characters names have been changed, activities have been switched (a soccer player will now be a basketball star) and lastly Scott decided to change the name of the film from Starbuck because he didn’t want people to confuse the movie for Starbucks, the coffee chain. The original name referred to a Canadian stud bull, “Starbuck”;.

It seems that everything’s coming up roses for Scott, as his successful film has not only spawned a Hollywood remake, but a French adaptation called Fonzy as well.

Check out the trailers below! What do you think of the trailer for Delivery Man?  Will the Americanized version be as successful as the original?



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