Harry Styles Once Watched A Man’s Dog While He Ordered Food

Harry Styles is the guy we all want him to be.

A user on Twitter asked, “What’s ya most awkward or interesting celebrity interaction you have had?” to which one person shared the moment where Harry Styles cared for his dog.

“I was outside a restaurant in Hollywood trying to pick up my takeout order but couldn’t go in because I was with my puppy,” journalist Rory Carroll shared.

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And of course, the thread was full of other wonderful celebrity encounters.

I was in the line for TSA at JFK and Naomi Campbell is right next to me. The first words out of my mouth ‘I’ve never met a celebrity before’ she shuts me down with ‘Honey I’m not a celebrity, I’m a supermodel,’ I was so embarrassed!” wrote one person.

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Another added, “A few years ago there was a period of about 2 months where I randomly ran into Whoopi Goldberg 3 different times in various parts of NYC. The first time she smiled at me, the 2nd time she looked slightly confused, the 3rd time she looked slightly alarmed.”

A third person told a story about Sean Combs. “Puff came to JD’s studio to work while he was in Atlanta. He wanted something from the vending machine but he only had a bunch one hundred dollar bills. He looked at me and said ‘playboi loan me a dollar?’ I said aight and gave it to him. He handed me a hundred dollar bill back.”

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