American rap duo City Girls talk about that prison sentence in a new interview with Billboard.

Yung Miami and JT may have had a year apart while JT was sent to jail for credit card fraud but they insist they’re back and ready to do better than ever.

JT tells the mag of her time in prison: “It was some s**t I never want to experience again. When you BOP custody, you belong to them. Not to say I don’t ever want to talk about it. But I think that I need to talk about it when I’m helping other people, not so much like ‘me, me, me.’”

However, she adds of only being on her best behaviour for the time being: “The City Girls are not subtle — only reason I’m subtle right now is ’cause I can’t do nothing! I’m just trying to stay out of jail. But if a b***h try me…!”

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Credit: Donté Maurice
Credit: Donté Maurice

Yung Miami says of the tough six months leading up to JT turning herself in: “It was radio runs, press, photoshoots — there wasn’t no time for an off day.

“One day, we was on a radio run, and [JT] broke down on our way to the station. She was just like, ‘My mind not on this. I’m thinking about turning myself in, and I gotta go answer these questions?’ Like, it’s a lot.”

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The rapper was released in October after she began serving her sentence in 2018.

She shared on Instagram after heading home:

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