Popeye’s Gives Manitoba Family $10,000 Worth Of Food After ‘Chicken’ Answer On ‘Family Feud’ Goes Viral

A Lorette, Man., family lost their chance at a second $10,000 prize after a wrong answer on Canada’s version of “Family Feud” on Thursday — and the clip quickly went viral.

Eve Dubois was up against the Tomlin family on “Family Feud” on CBC and was told by host Gerry Dee there was only one answer to the following question.

Whoever got the answer right would go on to play for $10,000.

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“Here we go,” said Dee. “Name Popeye’s favourite food.”

Eve slammed the buzzer first.

“Chicken,” she blurted out before doing a dance to celebrate what she thought was the correct answer.

Meanwhile, her family gasped in shock and shook their heads, and Dee put his head down on the podium.

“Show me chicken!” shouted Dee as Eve realized her mistake — and a big X popped up on the screen.

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Logan White of Waterloo, Ont., who is married to co-contestant Alyssa Tomlin, then confidently shouted: “Spinach, Gerry!”

The Tomlin family celebrated while the Dubois family stood in despair.

“I thought you meant Popeye’s Chicken,” Eve shouted while Dee laughed.

Clips of the moment quickly circulated on social media, and some are approaching a million views.

The family had already won $10,000 earlier in the week and returned to the show to defend their crown.

Stephanie Dubois, Eve’s mother, said the whole experience was “amazing” and the family is taking Eve’s mistake with a solid dose of humour.

“I didn’t hear what she said. I actually thought we won,” said Stephanie.

“We’ve all been laughing about it,” she added. “I’m in the kitchen, I’m giggling; I’m in the shower, I’m giggling.”

Eve, especially, has been laughing about her mistake, Stephanie said.

“It’s all going to her head right now,” she laughed. “She’s been saying, ‘At least I’m pretty.'”

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Eve has received phone calls from as far away as Tampa Bay, Fla., and Drew Carey tweeted about her mistake, according to Stephanie.

The family actually won the $10,000 prize in November and had to sit on the outcome until the shows aired this week.

“That was the hardest part, keeping the secret, keeping it a secret from everybody,” Stephanie said.

After the hilarious game-show fail went viral, Popeye’s issued a tweet, telling the family to send a DM to claim $10,000 worth of Popeye’s food.

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