Brett Kissel is writing his own love story.

The “We Were That Song” crooner recently sat down with “Today’s Country” on Apple Music’s “Beats 1”. During the interview with Kelleigh Bannen, Kissel opened up about how he met his wife of nine years, Cecilia.

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“It took balls to do it,” Kissel admitted. “I was at an event in my home area… the rodeo was coming to town so we did a big fundraiser and me and my band were playing it. I wasn’t 18 yet, I was about to turn 18. So me and my band are doing the rodeo dance and playing all these cover songs, and the most beautiful being on planet earth walked in, and her name was Cecilia.

“I couldn’t believe it, it was love at first sight 100 million per cent,” he exclaimed. “She’s sitting at one of the gala tables at the other side of the dance floor and I ended up having a conversation with her. We have a lot of mutual friends, but I had never met her before — although she reminds me I did meet her two years prior.”

That is when Kissel had the bright idea to pull off a big move: one that would either set off fireworks or spell disaster.

“I walked up in the second set while my band played ‘Peaceful Easy Feeling” by The Eagles and I thought that was a great two-step song. It’s not a slow dance… it’s just a great vibe,” Kissell said. “I asked her to dance [with me] in front of everybody, 500 people. She could have turned me down, but she said ‘yes…’ And so away we went. We danced and we exchanged numbers and Facebook.”

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“We were talking a lot and I’m so happy we connected in that way and have such a cool story to start our love story,” he concluded.

Kissel and Cecilia tied the knot in Edmonton in July 2011. They later moved to Nashville. The couple is proud parents of three children: Mila, 3, Aria, 2, and Leo, 11 months.

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