Kelly Clarkson Welcomes 102-Year-Old And 88-Year-Old Musical Duo Whose Album Went Viral

Kelly Clarkson is welcoming a pair of very special guests, whose combined ages close in on nearly two centuries.

Songwriting duo Marvin Weisbord, 88, Alan Tripp, 102, went viral with the recent release of their debut album, Senior Song Book, and Clarkson spoke to the pair via satellite, asking them how they got started.

“We got started because at age 102 I found out that you lose a few friends, they move away or something, and I wrote a poem called ‘Best Old Friends’,” said Tripp, who writes the lyrics that Weisbord sets to music. Weisbord jumped in, explaining that the poem “spoke to my situation,” and a songwriting team was born.

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Clarkson asked the pair if they knew what it mean to go viral. “I thought for awhile it meant that you were sick with something,” replied Tripp, with Clarkson blurting out, “Like an STD!”

Before appearing on Clarkson’s show, the pair were featured on “CBS Evening News”.

“All my life I tried to be a songwriter. I had to wait until I was 102 to be a success,” Tripp said, admitting the reception the album has received has been overwhelming.

“We’ve been out of stock on the album,” he marvelled. “People want to make it into a cabaret show.”

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