Fans of “Grey’s Anatomy” are breathing a sigh of relief now that it’s been confirmed that a second actor isn’t exiting the show after Friday’s surprise announcement that Justin Chambers was leaving “Grey’s” after 16 seasons.

It all started when Giacomo Gianniotti — who plays Andrea “Andrew” DeLuca on the ABC medical drama — shared some cryptic posts on social media alluding to loss.

“Failure should be our teacher, not our undertaker,” Gianniotti wrote on Instagram, referring followers to see more in his Instagram Stories.

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“Failure is delay, not defeat,” he added, quoting motivational speaker Denis Waitley. “It is a temporary detour, not a dead end.”

In his posts, Gianniotti wrote about picking himself up after a major disappointment.

“Today I finally accept defeat, to a long battle I have been in for the last couple weeks in my career. I took an L, a big L. L stands for LOSS in case you were wondering. I’m devastated. Truly,” he wrote.

“In the many battles of this war we call life; sometimes you have a winning streak,” he continued. “Battle after battle is won. You get confident. You get cocky. You get comfortable. You lean on your infantry, your generals and captains who have done so well. Your community. You step back. You speak less. You shut one eye. You trust more. And sometimes, not always, because of this you are defeated. [In] life, as many mentors of mine have told me, is a war, made up of many battles that are won and [lost]. This battle was lost, and it was humbling to say the least,” he continued.

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“For everyone wondering, I am absolutely fine,” he concluded. “As I said, just wanted to impart some wisdom form life. That’s all. All is good! Thanks for your concern!”

Fans immediately began to freak out, fearing that he was following Chambers out the door and leaving “Grey’s”.

However, TV Guide confirmed that the posts were not related to “Grey’s”, and that Gianniotti is not leaving the show.

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