Reports had suggested that Michelle and Barack Obama were offering advice to Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan over their transition to a more private life but the former presidential couple are putting an end to those rumours.

“The rumours of them having anything to do with this are totally false. The former president and first lady are not advising the couple and have not been in contact with them,” a source close to the Obamas told People.

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Another source added, “There’s no truth to it.”

The Obamas are close friends of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and have teamed up with them on a number of projects including Harry’s Invictus Games and Meghan’s Vogue guest edit.

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Similar reports came out about Oprah guiding the royal couple but she quickly put out that fire when speaking to ET.

“Meghan and Harry do not need my help in figuring out what’s best for them. I care about them both and support whatever decisions they make for their family,” she said in a statement.