Kristen Bell Accepts #SeeHer Award At Critics’ Choice Awards: Praises Women Who ‘Own Their Complexity’

The entire cast of “The Good Place” were at the Critics’ Choice Awards on Sunday to support Kristen Bell as she was honoured with the #SeeHer Award.

But before things got down to business, Bell shared a behind-the-scenes look at the fun happening at her table–including William Jackson Harper who just grew a beard.

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Then came the big moment when her co-star Ted Danson presented Bell with her award.

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Taking the stage, Bell addressed the crowd.

“Women have been conditioned to fit into boxes. Usually, pretty, sparkly boxes. With bows on them,” she said. “To me, the idea of womanhood is someone who sheds the perfect little box and owns their complexity.”

She then named some of the “complex” characters she has played like “Princess Anna, who is the most un-princessy princess to ever be animated.”

“So thank you for this,” Bell added referencing her award. “For the reminder to see myself in total. The brave parts and the cowardly parts and even the parts that cry at films.”

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