Steve Harvey speaks about that viral moustache clip during an appearance on Monday’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show”.

The 63-year-old insists it was his son who exposed his grooming routine, secretly filming him and sharing it online.

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The “Family Feud” host says, “I’m doing my moustache, it’s a private moment, my son was in the dressing room, I’m in Africa.

“I don’t know that he’s doing this because he’s my son so I don’t have to watch him.”

Harvey adds as DeGeneres praises him for his efforts, “It’s the only hair I have. Ain’t like I’ve got to do a bunch of other stuff.”

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The star also talks about getting older.

He jokes, “I’ve stopped trying to lose weight, I’ll just make more money.

“Fat people with money… you like ’em.”

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