Brian Cox Recalls Being ‘Touched Up’ By Princess Margaret When He Was 23

It sounds like Princess Margaret took a real liking to Brian Cox when he was a young man.

Fresh off his Best Actor win for “Succession” at the Golden Globes, 73-year-old Cox sat down with The Guardian and talked about his awkward experience with the royal.

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“You know, when I was a young actor I was touched up by Princess Margaret,” he said, recalling their meeting at the Royal Court when he was doing a play at the age of 23.

“She put her fingers on my shirt and said, ‘This is a lovely shirt,’ and she started to run her fingers down the inside of my shirt,” he said of Margaret, who was 40 at the time. “And I went ‘Uh oh’ — what do you do when you’re being touched up by a royal?”

Cox continued, “She just kept saying, ‘You were so wonderfully hooded on stage.. I just wanted to know more about you.’ She was an extraordinary creature. I excused myself and said, ‘Thank you ma’am,’ and it came to a natural end.”

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On the subject of royalty, Cox also said that Prince Andrew is “an idiot” given his connections to Jeffrey Epstein, and added that the idea of monarchy itself is “ridiculous.”

Though Cox also admitted that he is “hooked” on the TV series “The Crown”.

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