Salma Hayek is celebrating the success of her longtime friend Antonio Banderas.

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Hayek took to Instagram on Monday to applaud Banderas’ 2020 Academy Awards nomination for Best Actor in “Pain and Glory”. It is Banderas’ first Oscar nomination in a 30-plus year career.

“After 20 years of knowing you, it’s great to see that you’re still thriving,” Hayek captioned a throwback photo of the pair. “Congratulations on your Oscar nomination.”

Banderas replied to Hayek’s tweet, thanking her, translated from Spanish to English here: “Thank you very much my friend. A hug!”

Earlier on Monday, Banderas tweeted: “Very happy for the nominations. This is very important to me, for Spanish cinema and for all Spanish language cinema.”

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Hayek and Banderas have worked together on at least six films, including 1995’s “Desperado”.