Eddie Murphy, Renée Zellweger & More Discuss Their Careers & Why They Took A Break From Acting In ‘Vanity Fair’ Hollywood Issue

Jennifer Lopez, Eddie Murphy, and Renée Zellweger talk about their careers, while Murphy and Zellweger explain why they took a break from showbiz, in a new interview with Vanity Fair.

The trio all star in huge movies at the moment — Lopez (“Hustlers”), Murphy (“Dolemite Is My Name”), and Zellweger (“Judy”) — and they discuss why it’s so important for them to now make professional decisions on their own terms in the special VF “Hollywood” issue cover story.

The powerful trio kick off the 2020 Hollywood photo portfolio, which is presented as a photographic road trip to Hollywood. The surreal Route 66 features 23 actors, from newcomers to veterans alike, who are reaching pinnacles in their careers.

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Lopez says of being asked what her goals are next, “It’s always a career thing that they ask about, and I think, Oh, yeah. Direct. But if you’re saying bucket list, I would say I would love to live somewhere other than the United States, in a small town in Italy, or on the other side of the world, in Bali.

“Find another life where it’s a little bit more simple and organic and where I get to ride a bike, and buy bread, and put it in my basket, and then go home and put jelly on it, and just eat and paint, or sit in a rocking chair where there was a beautiful view of an olive tree or an oak tree and I could just smell. I have fantasies like that.”

Credit: Vanity Fair
Credit: Vanity Fair

Lopez also speaks about being offered the lead in the 2002 film “Unfaithful”, a role which eventually went to Diane Lane.

“I should have known that Adrian Lyne was going to kill it, but I didn’t. Diane Lane was so perfect for it, and it was obviously meant to be her, but when I think about that, I was offered it, and I had the opportunity…. I want to literally, like, shoot my toe off. I do.”

Murphy adds of stepping away from acting for eight years, “I said it’s time to take a break and not really be pushing at movies. Getting it right with the director and the writers and having everything work together… that takes a lot of effort, and it’s strenuous.

“I had gotten to the point where I was just so burned out on the process of making a movie that if I was a little boy, I would have started crying.”

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He says, “I just want to do stuff [now] where there’s an emotional hook, and not just because, you know, somebody flashed big dollar signs in front of you.”

Zellweger also took a break from making movies for six years, telling the mag: “When you repeat yourself in your profession, it doesn’t leave a lot of room for discovery and growth.

“That’s not to say it’s not possible to branch out and be challenged by new things. But [I realized that] there was not time for the things I wanted to experience if I was to keep doing what I had been doing. I just hadn’t found a way to allow for those things that are important and nurturing.”

Lili Reinhart, Park So-dam, Antonio Banderas, Laura Dern, and more also feature in the issue.

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