Late Night Hosts Slam Oscars For Lack Of Diversity Among Nominees

The Oscar nominations were announced on Monday, and with them came plenty of controversy.

As many have noted, only one of the acting nominees this year is a person of colour, while the directing category once again comprises men exclusively.

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On the late-night shows, hosts fired jokes at the awards over the lack of diversity.

“It was a big day for ‘1917’ — the year, not the movie,” joked Jimmy Kimmel. “Though the movie, too, but 19 of the 20 acting nominees are white people. No women were nominated for Best Director. That’s fewer minorities than in Donald Trump’s cabinet, so… .”

Kimmel also made sure to throw in a playful jab at Matt Damon during his monologue.

“And maybe the most surprising Best Picture nominee was ‘Ford v Ferrari’,” he said. “This is a movie that was apparently so good even Matt Damon couldn’t ruin it.”

The 2020 Oscar Nominations

Congrats to “Little Women” for directing itself!

Posted by The Daily Show on Monday, January 13, 2020

Meanwhile, on “The Daily Show”, host Trevor Noah had a few things to say, pointing specifically to the political hypocrisy of many in Hollywood.

“Democrats in Hollywood are always talking about how important diversity is but they’re the ones who always seem to end up celebrating a bunch of white people,” he said.

“Those aren’t just all male directors — those are all very male movies. Like if you take out ‘Parasite,’ women probably have 10 minutes of dialogue in all the other films combined,” he continued. “Like, there’s no reason women shouldn’t have bigger roles in these movies, except for ‘1917’ because women weren’t invented till the ’30s. That’s a fact.”

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Noah also specifically highlighted the lack of a directing nod for “Little Women” director Greta Gerwig.

“I mean, like, where’s ‘Little Women’? Personally, I love the movie. Also, the Oscar voters love the movie. It’s weird. it’s really strange because it was nominated for six awards, including Best Picture, Best Screenplay, two acting nominations, but then somehow Greta Gerwig wasn’t nominated for director,” he said. “How the hell does that happen? Was it just two people, like, ‘What an amazing movie!’ ‘Yeah, did you know it directed itself?’”

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