Jeff Lewis is trying to put an end to his feud with former “Flipping Out” co-star Jenni Pulos.

On his SiriusXM show on Monday, Lewis revealed that he had reached out to Pulos with an apology.

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“I’m gonna start off the show by letting everyone know that about a week ago, I had lunch with [‘Shahs of Sunset’ star] Mercedes Javid and Heather McDonald,” he began.

“So during the Starbucks conversation, Jenni Pulos came up,” Lewis said. “And Mercedes was saying, ‘Look, you guys were friends forever. Ups, downs, she’s like family to you. Are you ever gonna reach out?’ I said, ‘Well, actually, I’ve thought about it for months, reaching out.’ I think I’m a good apologizer only because I wait ’til I’m actually really sorry. Do you know what I’m saying? If you’re forcing me to apologize right now for something that I just don’t feel like I should apologize for, I’m not gonna be a very good apologizer.”

He then opened up about their feud.

“Sometimes, it takes me weeks, months, a year to really reflect and realize what my role was in something. And I felt like it took many, many months,” Lewis said. “And I think maybe it’s because we had such a deep, loving relationship, Jenni and I, that there was a lot of hurt. And I think it took me a very, very long time to really take a look: ‘Okay, what did you do, Jeff? Why did she react this way? What did I say?'”

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Lewis also shared what he actually wrote in his apology to Pulos.

“I wrote, ‘Hi, Happy New Year. I hope you and your family are happy and healthy.’ I did this yesterday, by the way. ‘Would you be open to meeting with me sometime? I don’t feel good about what happened between us, and I’m very sorry for my role in it. Jeff,'” he said.

“I’m hoping that she gets back to me,” Lewis added. “I would love to sit down and talk to her. Now, I don’t expect anything in return from her. So I plan on clearing my conscience and telling her everything that I’m sorry for, but I’m not gonna do it and be like, ‘Okay, well, what are you sorry for?’ You know what I mean? That should happen in her own time — or not!”

The feud between the reality stars began during the season 11 finale of “Flipping Out” in which Lewis fired Pulos from Jeff Lewis Design, accusing her of filing a workplace abuse complaint, which she has denied.

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