Suzanne Somers Reveals All About Life In The ’70s On ‘WWHL’

Suzanne Somers has a lot of tea to spill.

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On Monday, the former “Three’s Company” star appeared on “Watch What Happens Live” and played a game of quick-fire questions with host Andy Cohen about her wild life in the 1970s.

Asked who was the most competitive contestant on “Battle of the Network Stars”, Somers said it was Gabe Kaplan from “Welcome Back Kotter”.

Next up, who was the most eligible suitor she turned down in the ’70s? “Frank Sinatra,” Somers said, but when asked why, she revealed, “Because I’m lying.”

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When it came to her favourite Osmond, Donnie or Marie, the actress said she “loves them both.”

Finally, Cohen asked what has the hardest drug she did during the ’70s, and Somers revealed it was a “pot brownie.”

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