Following their wedding last summer, Gigi Gorgeous and Nats Getty are joined by Getty’s brother, August Getty, in a new profile for the February issue of Town & Country magazine.

The nuptials of Nats Getty, the 26-year-old great-granddaughter of legendary oil mogul J. Paul Getty, and the Toronto-born transgender YouTube sensation, 27, were a cause for celebration for Nats Getty’s mother, Ariadne Getty. “My happiness is complete,” she tells the magazine.

In the profile, Ariadne Getty reveals that she didn’t tell Nats and August about their famous lineage until they were 10-years-old.

Victoria Stevens
Victoria Stevens

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“I wanted them to grow up without the weight of the name,” she explains.

August Getty is a fashion designer who designed the bride’s wedding gown, and he shares his philosophy of fashion with Town & Country.

“I have a faith in glamour,” he says. “I just want to make the world a shinier place — one sequin at a time.”

Victoria Stevens
Victoria Stevens

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Speaking with the magazine, Nats Getty reveals the attraction to Gorgeous. “I pretty much knew the second I saw her,” says Getty. “She radiated an infectious amount of positive energy and happiness. She was like this amazing bright light. I said, ‘I’m obsessed with you. Can we go out on a date?’”

You can read more in the latest issue of Town & Country.

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