In hindsight, Charlie Hunnam says he wishes he expressed his thoughts on marriage differently.

“The Gentlemen” actor appeared on SiriusXM’s “Radio Andy” earlier this month alongside co-stars Hugh Grant and Matthew McConaughey. Hunnam, 39, admitted he was not particularly keen on the idea of marriage despite dating Morgana McNeils for at least 13 years.

“I’ve been with my girlfriend for 14-and-a-half years, I think, or 13-and-a-half years,” Hunnam told Andy Cohen, adding that he was, “sort of indifferent” to marriage.

“She does not feel the same. She’s very eager,” he added. “I’ll do it because it’s important to her but I don’t have any great romantic feelings towards it.”

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Grant warned Hunnam, “I wouldn’t go with that line when you pop your question. Don’t worry, I can help you with that.”

Hunnam reflected on that interview in a new chat with TooFab. Hunnam said he regrets what he said and that his previous statement did not reflect his true feelings on the matter.

That was a stupid thing to say,” Hunnam admitted. “Sometimes the tone of an interview… you know, that interview was just like a lot of banter, and Hugh was sort of bantering in a very superficial — not disingenuous — but not really speaking his personal truth — we’re all just bantering. And all of a sudden we’re bantering about one thing and I get asked my opinion about marriage.”

“I just said something that doesn’t really reflect my true thoughts at all,” he continued. “It’s like being with your pals, sometimes not thinking like… you’re not trying to articulate your sincere opinion about something, and then you see it in black and white.”

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It turns out the remark really upset McNeils.

“I have to say that really hurt my girlfriend’s feelings. I really regretted saying that, cause I actually didn’t mean it at all. it was just, frankly, some stupid sh*t I said in the heat of the moment,” he shared. “I’m like so romantic! The reality is I sort of consider myself married. I’ve been with my girlfriend for 14 years.”

“I suppose what I was trying to articulate was that the official government sanctioning of it doesn’t mean anything to me, but the romance of it means an enormous amount,” he added. “I really regret saying that. Listen, you spend 12 hours a day for three days doing interviews straight, you’re gonna say some stupid s–t. Especially a guy like me that’s not that smart.”

“The Gentlemen” premieres in theatres on Jan. 24. It also stars Colin Farrell, Michelle Dockery and Henry Golding, among others.