Joey Fatone Admits *NSYNC Is Not Ready For A Reunion

Joey Fatone is not closing the door on a proper *NSYNC reunion, but he is not ready to commit to it just yet.

Fatone and the members of *NSYNC, sans Justin Timberlake, performed alongside Ariana Grande at Coachella last April. That led to plenty of speculation about the boy band’s future.

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“We started getting phone calls, of course,” he told Billboard‘s “Pop Shop” podcast. “‘Well, are you guys back together? What are you doing? Oh my gosh! There’s an offer here.’ This, that. There were offers thrown on the table, but the whole thing was, I don’t think we were ready for it yet. I don’t think even at the moment, like to really mentally wrap our head around to see what we want to do.”

“I think that’s the conservation that we really have to have that we haven’t had yet,” Fatone continued. “It’s really going: ‘Do we wanna do it, or do we not? And if we do want to do it, what is it?’ And that’s something that will definitely take some time.”

Do not get it twisted, however, as Fatone is definitely not shutting down the possibility of a full-on *NSYNC reunion.

“It’s not a no, but it’s not a yes, because the thing is, we may come up with an idea that may not work for all of us,” he asserted. “If I did do something like this, I think it’s just something that definitely we will wanna do maybe more music, but also have fun, do you know what I mean?”

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“There’s not a lot of pressure anymore. Usually, back in the day, it was, ‘You need to be number one. You need to do this. This should be that. This should be this.’ For us, if we ever came back out, it’s like it’d be nice to do all this stuff and be number one, but we’ve already done it,” he explained.

“We’re in our 40s! We got kids now! The backstage is going to be completely different, that’s for damn sure!” Faton concluded. “There’ll be a lot more kids running around, no groupies.”

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