Chris Evans Reveals Reason He Launched His New Political Website ‘A Starting Point’

Chris Evans discusses his new political website “A Starting Point” in a new interview with WIRED.

Evans, who reveals he’s only been getting an hour’s sleep a night in the chat, is launching the site to allow people to better understand the Democratic and Republican arguments for current issues affecting the U.S.

The project is slated to go live next month and is designed to give Americans concise answers on what is going on in politics right now via minute-long videos with politicians.

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Evans explains how he came up with the idea after searching for too long to find out what DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) meant.

“It was just something I didn’t understand,” Evans tells the publication.

“It’s this never-ending thing, and you’re just like, Who is going to read 12 pages on something?

Despite his excitement for the project, Evans admits he felt a wave of doubt when he recently visited Capitol Hill.

The actor recalls thinking, This isn’t my lane, adding that people were making real change there.

“And s**t. I didn’t even go to college.”

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Evans has already collected more than 1,000 videos from more than 100 members of Congress, along with about half of the 2020 Democratic hopefuls.

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