Margot Robbie discusses dealing with everyday sexism in a new interview with Glamour UK.

Robbie joins her “Birds of Prey” co-stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Jurnee Smollett-Bell, and Rosie Perez for the chat.

The Aussie actress is also a producer on the Harley Quinn spinoff movie and says of sexism: “It’s naturally ingrained in people — even if you are the one who should be dictating the decisions — that they turn to the closest, eldest male in the room and direct the question at them. It’s just an inherent thing everyone has got in their DNA.”

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“When people are asking the question and I have the answer and they so readily will turn to my producing partners who are guys and will ask them. It’s a finance thing so I will ask the guy. And they are like, ‘Actually she is the one with the answer, you should ask her!’

“It’s the societal construct we have grown up knowing. I think the interesting thing now is that everyone is so conscious of that and they often catch themselves. I think people really want to embrace the idea of equality. I think they are a little shocked they hadn’t before and they didn’t have that mindset and they weren’t conscious of it.”

Credit: Danielle Levitt
Credit: Danielle Levitt

Robbie adds, when asked what she would tell her younger self on the set of “Neighbours”, “I would want to tell her, ‘You are actually good enough.’ The biggest thing for me was I had this imposter syndrome. I still get it sometimes and think everyone will realize, How did you get here? You are not good enough for this. Who let you in?

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“I don’t think there is one thing where I have said, ‘you have nailed it.’ I always think, You did what you set out to do but you missed the mark here and next time you are going to do it different.”

See the full feature in the January digital issue of Glamour UK, available online now.