Kelly Clarkson Remembers Her ‘Horrible’ Movie ‘From Justin To Kelly’

Getting into the movie business didn’t go well for Kelly Clarkson.

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On “The Kelly Clarkson Show” this week, the host had on former daytime TV personality Jerry Springer, and the two got to talking about their brief, unsuccessful movie careers.

“You also made a movie,” Clarkson said.

As Springer responded, “And so did you, fancy pants.”

Recalling her “American Idol” spinoff movie “From Justin to Kelly”, Clarkson said, “And mine was contractually obligated. It was horrible. How was yours?”

“Horrible!” Springer laughed.

Clarkson exclaimed, “Yeah! Razzies for the both of us.”

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Springer described how he ended up making his 1998 movie “Ringmaster”, a comedy based on “The Jerry Springer Show” released at the height of his popularity.

“From Justin to Kelly”, released in 2003, starred Clarkson alongside second-place “Idol” finisher Justin Guarini as characters who meet during spring break. The film received a lowly 10 per cent approval from critics on Rotten Tomatoes.

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