Creed Bratton’s character on “The Office” — also named Creed — became a fan favourite on the beloved NBC comedy due to his ever-expanding weirdness.

However, in an interview with the “Office Ladies” podcast, Bratton tells his former co-stars Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey that his character was nearly written off the show in the second season.

According to Bratton, it took place in the episode titled “Halloween”, when Dunder Mifflin manager Michael Scott (Steve Carell) was forced by cutbacks to fire someone in the office. However, the writers hadn’t decided whether it would be Bratton’s character or another worker, Devon (played by Devon Abner), who’d get the axe.

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“At the time, they told us, one of you guys have to go. We’re going to shoot you both and we’re going to see how it works out,” Bratton recalls at about the 9:45 mark in the podcast.

“I remember being a little nervous,” he admitted. “Devon and I were friends.”

Fischer revealed that she spoke to the episode’s writer, Greg Daniels, who told that members of the cast were off limits due to their contracts. In addition, he wanted to avoid getting rid of recurring characters like Angela (Kinsey, who wasn’t yet a cast member in season two).

That left him with two choices: Creed and Devon, who were both background characters at the time.

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As fate would have it, Abner’s character was the one let go, allowing Creed to stick around. As the show’s writers began to get to know Bratton, they brought his character to the forefront, resulting in such iconic moments as Creed dressing up like Batman’s nemesis Joker and the introduction of his hilarious blog