Daniel Craig may portray James Bond onscreen, but that doesn’t mean he’s actually an international super-spy with a licence to kill.

But try telling that to the people in a new commercial for Heineken beer featuring the “No Time to Die” star.

In the hilarious clip, Craig hops in a vehicle, only to accidentally leave his passport and wallet in the car. Running after the car, he’s seen taking a set of stairs as a Heineken truck passes, leading to the assumption that he’ll pull the Bond-like manoeuvre of leaping atop the truck and heading off in pursuit. A pair of elderly men look and point, exclaiming, “James Bond!”

Instead, the winded actor bends over, panting heavily. “No,” says one of the men. “Not James Bond.”

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Craig finally catches up with the car, which leads him into some sort of party taking place in a castle, which requires he steal a tuxedo in order to sneak in.

Along the way, more people continue to mistake him for 007, including the bartender, who slides a martini glass in front of him — just as Craig pulls out a bottle of Heineken and takes a big drink.

“No Time to Die” hits theatres on April 8.