Paris Hilton is not a name usually associated with cuisine, but she’s aiming to change that perception with her latest project, a YouTube cooking series titled “Cooking with Paris”.

Demonstrating she’s a woman of many talents, the former “Simple Life” star, 38, introduces her “sous chef,” a.k.a. her little chihuahua Diamond Baby, sporting a custom Chanel apron.

For her debut episode, Hilton demonstrated how to make one of her favourite dishes: lasagna.

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After sharing the ingredients, she dives right in, sharing a few pro tips — such as wearing fingerless gloves when shredding mozzarella cheese. Another tip she offers: put the mozzarella in the freezer for a few minutes so it’s easier to shred.

Along the way, Hilton shares personal observations, at one point reminiscing about watching her mother, Kathy Hilton, in the kitchen. “My entire life, I just remember sitting on the counter and watching my mom cook,” she said.

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She also demonstrates that kitchen goofs can be easily remedied; when realizing she forgot to add onion and garlic, she simply changes the recipe. “I feel my lasagna should not have onion or garlic in it,” she declares.

Ahead of the video’s release, Hilton teased her new project on Instagram.



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