Maybe Robert Downey Jr. should stick to movies.

On Wednesday night, the “Dolittle” star was on “The Tonight Show”, and host Jimmy Fallon had him participate in a game of “Cue Card Cold Read”.

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The two put on ridiculous wigs and performed a parody of a ’90s prescription drug ad, with some surprising lines to read.

“If your erection lasts more than four hours, that has nothing to do with Zynerma. But congratulations,” Downey announces at one point.

“Zynerma shouldn’t replace your asthma inhaler, and it can’t replace her,” he adds later. “Sorry, big guy, but she’s not coming back.”

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Downey and Fallon also take a trip down memory lane, each recalling their experience as cast members on “Saturday Night Live”, and in particular some of the sketches that got cut.

The actor joined “SNL” for its 11th season in 1985 but he and most of the cast were replaced a year later due to poor ratings.