How hard is it to make John Cena flinch?

On Wednesday’s “The Late Late Show”, host James Corden had his guests Cena and January Jones play a little game of “Flinch”.

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The object of the game was simple: Each of the guests stands behind glass and holds a martini glass while Corden shoots pieces of fruit at the glass in front of them, and whoever has the most drink left in their glass wins.

The results of the game were very surprising.

Also on the show, the trio talked about their love of K-pop group BTS, and Cena revealed he was actually jealous that Jones got to meet the band and pose for a picture the last time she was on “The Late Late Show”.

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“You are so lucky to be in that picture,” Cena said. “I tried out to be their bodyguard and I didn’t even make it.”

Cena described exactly why he’s such a fan of BTS.

“Not only is the choreography, the development of personalities, the whole entertainment they put on spectacular, young people are listening to their music and they’re sending a good message through their music,” he said. “I think that’s really cool when you have popularity and you choose to use your voice for something good. I think that’s a plus.”