Wrestler PCO Talks Becoming A World Champion: ‘It Is So Rewarding Because It Took… Years To Finally Get Here’

PCO was at the right place at the right time, it just took him 32 years to get there.

Quebec native Carl Ouellet, known to wrestling fans around the world as Perfect Creation One (PCO), has finally achieved his dream of becoming a world champion after winning the Ring of Honor title at their Final Battle pay-per-view.

“It is so rewarding because it took me so many years to finally get here,” the 52-year-old tells ET Canada.

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Ouellet is a true wrestling journeyman having worked for every major promotion in North America and beyond as well as extensively touring the independent circuit. Although he won the WWF Tag Team Championships three times with his partner fellow Quebecer Jacques Rougeau, nothing compares to his RoH World Championship win.

“When you win any kind of title it is a special night. It is hard to explain, but your career flashes before your eyes in that moment. You remember the setbacks, the adversity. You remember your friends, family and the people who helped you get there. You remember the critics and the naysayers. Everything just hits you in that moment,” he said, a hint of emotion creeping into the voice of The French-Canadian Frankenstein.

PCO and his manager D Destro. Courtesy: RING OF HONOR/ Zia Hiltey.
PCO and his manager D Destro. Courtesy: RING OF HONOR/ Zia Hiltey.

PCO’s win capped off a stellar 2019 for Canadian wrestlers with Calgary’s Chris Jericho reigning as the AEW World Champion and B.C.-born Kyle O’Reilly and his Undisputed Era partner Bobby Fish as the Tag Team Champions in NXT.

PCO is thankful for all the encouragement and praise he has received from his fellow Canadians.

“It is so cool to see. Every time I perform in Toronto or any other place in Canada, I can feel the crowd’s support. It is incredible!” he said.

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PCO felt especially honoured when he received a hero’s welcome as the special guest of the Montreal Canadiens during their game against the Winnipeg Jets recently. A fan of the Canadiens growing up, PCO’s own promising hockey career in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League was benched forever by a pellet gun accident in which he lost sight in his right eye. To be honoured by the Canadiens was an experience PCO will never forget.

PCO slams Rush through a door frame at Final Battle. Courtesy: RING OF HONOR/ Zia Hiltey.
PCO slams Rush through a door frame at Final Battle. Courtesy: RING OF HONOR/ Zia Hiltey.

“It was crazy! When I wrestled at the Montreal Forum, the Bell Centre, it was already something else to be wrestling in the same building where the Canadiens have played. We used to see players in the backstage area because there were so many hockey players who were big wrestling fans. To be honoured by the Canadiens was something really special for me. To hear 20,000 hockey fans cheering for me at a hockey game was a really special moment and a rewarding one for me as I grew up watching them win so many Stanley Cups,” he said.

The road to that unforgettable night was a difficult one. PCO spent years playing characters and roles that he didn’t enjoy, that didn’t really define him or any part of his personality. This included a Mountie and then a pirate persona in the WWE.

It was only after he took some time away from the business and even pondered hanging up his boots once and for all, that everything began to slowly fall into place and the popular Frankenstein character was born.

Carl Ouellet and Jacques Rougeau as the dastardly Quebecers in the WWE. Courtesy: WWE.
Carl Ouellet and Jacques Rougeau as the dastardly Quebecers in the WWE. Courtesy: WWE.

“I thought it was pretty much over. I didn’t think I was going to wrestle again. At that time, I didn’t see any kind of opening or even a little bit of hope even though that burning desire was still very strong and I still believed in myself, that I am still valuable and could become the next big thing in the business,” he recalled.

Ouellet began extensive training with professional strongman Michael “The Destroyer” Roy. Roy would later become PCO’s onscreen manager, the sinister D.Destro. After one such gruelling workout session Roy made a casual comment that would forever change the course of Ouellet’s career, jolting new life into it.

“You walk just like Frankenstein. You are Frankenstein,” Roy joked.

It was from that throwaway comment that the entire PCO, French-Canadian Frankenstein character was born.

On his YouTube channel, Ouellet posted a campy clip of his resurrection. Unlike the raging storm Colin Clive used to bring Boris Karloff to life as the Frankenstein monster, Roy and Ouellet had to make due with a simple car battery and homemade special effects.

“Every time I tried out a character, it never worked. The only time things worked was when I didn’t find the character but the character found me instead,” said Ouellet.

Ouellet, now as PCO, took the independent circuit by storm and it wasn’t long before Ring of Honor signed him to an exclusive contract. It is not just the Frankenstein character that intrigues wrestling fans, it is Ouellet’s uncanny, almost superhuman tolerance for pain and punishment in and outside of the ring.

“I am an indestructible guy not just because of the resurrection with the car battery but my natural high tolerance for pain. I can do things night after night that other people cannot do in our business,” he proclaimed saying that because of his strength training there are moves he can do now that he couldn’t do in his twenties and thirties.

Pursued by former RoH Champion Rush who is desperate to win back the RoH championship, PCO is excited about where their feud is heading into 2020.

“We have just touched the tip of the iceberg as far as my character is concerned. There are so many stories that can be told, created around this character,” he said also revealing that there is a documentary being filmed about his pro wrestling comeback and that he might even write a book too.

A 32-year overnight success story, PCO says that at age 52 he wouldn’t change anything about his journey to the top.

“I am so happy how things turned out. I just have so many other goals. People ask me how many more years I can do this. I say, it is not how many more years. It is about what my future goals are. I am never going to stop working,” he said.

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