Not everyone thought Sir Patrick Stewart’s resurrection of Jean-Luc Picard was a good idea.

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Appearing on “This Morning”, the “Star Trek: Picard” star revealed that his friend Sir Ian McKellen advised against him taking the role in the revival series.

“It became very public knowledge at our premiere, Ian McKellen, I told him I’d been offered the role and he warned me not to take the job because it would be damaging for my career in London theatre,” Stewart said, according to the Daily Mail.

The 79-year-old also talked about signing on to the new series for potentially six seasons.

“[Ian] and I were very naive about Hollywood series, I didn’t realize I was signing on for six years. Everyone said you couldn’t revive and we’re lucky to make it through the first season,” he said. “I was told to come to Hollywood, have some fun, and get a suntan.”

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Stewart admitted that he was initially hesitant himself to sign up for “Picard”.

“I actually passed and turned it down, but that was two years ago but I met again,” he said. “We have the smartest group of writers and listening to them pitching Picard’s storyline with a different universe got my attention so fiercely.”