Lilly Singh Celebrates: ‘It’s Finally Okay To Be A Virgin!’

Lilly Singh is taking a stand for the virgins of the world.

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On Global’s “A Little Late” on Wednesday night, the host talked about news reports that Generation Z are waiting longer and longer before having sex.

“That’s a real fact, y’all,” Singh said. “That’s right, it’s finally okay to be a virgin. Yaas!”

She joked, “They used to throw virgins into volcanoes. Now they just throw them into Fortnite tournaments. I love Fortnite, explains a lot.”

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Singh then criticized the very concept of virginity.

“The whole idea of virginity is heteronormative,” she said. “It’s based on one type of sex: V and P. What about gay and lesbian and everything in between? There are folks who would be classified as virgins even though they’re the LeBron James of having orgasms out here.”

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