UPDATE: Looks like Amanda Bynes won’t be charged with anything just yet. According to the star’s Twitter feed, the NYPD’s case against her has been dropped.

Amanda tweeted her excitement, saying: “My lawyer is getting my case dropped! There was no proof of sexual harassment or drugs.”; And what about Amanda’s case against the NYPD? “Instead of me asking for the cop to be arrested for sexual harassment, I want my case dropped as well,”; she said adding, “his punishment will be being the cop who sexually harassed someone who would never find him handsome enough to be [her] boyfriend.”;  Ahh, seems as if the old Amanda is still around. Case in point: “That’s worse than any time in jail. But I am suing him for money compensation. I love having more money in my bank!”;

In the wake of Amanda Bynes’ most recent troubling behaviour, and Twitter war with Rihanna, it’s a wonder that anyone would choose to defend the troubled actress’ actions… but we found some.

True Blood actress and mom-to-be, Evan Rachel Wood, recently tweeted her thoughts on child stars, and although she does not mention Amanda by name, there’s no coincidence that her tweet came after one of Amanda’s worst weekends to date:

Other stars have been empathetic towards Amanda’s media mistreatment as well. During their takeover of Chelsea Lately, the Kardashian sisters discussed the What A Girl Wants actress being thrown out of a gymnastics class over her choice of leg wear.  “I love to wear fishnets to the gym,”; Khloe said. “I don’t think that’s abnormal.”; While Kim spoke out about Amanda’s transformed look, “Am I the only one who is obsessed with her new makeover?”;  Adding, “I think she looks amazing with the blonde hair and those nails.”;

Grateful for the reality stars sticking up for her, Amanda tweeted:

Someone that Amanda wasn’t so grateful for, at first, was Jenny McCarthy. After the former Playboy actress and mom went public on Twitter with a story she’d overheard about an alleged police raid on Amanda’s house, the troubled star broke down sending a slew of mean tweets Jenny’s way:

“You’re ugly! Police weren’t at my house old lady! Shut the f**k up! I need help? What are u talking about? Aren’t u 50 years old? I’m 27, u look 80 compared to me! Why are you talking about me?”;  Trying to clear the air, Jenny later tweeted, “@AmandaBynes sorry girl. Looking out for ya.”;  Bynes wrote back saying, “@JennyMcCarthy thanks! I’m sorry I offended you! You’re beautiful! I was lying! I’ll delete our tweets!”;

Amanda’s Hairspray co-stars Nikki Blonsky and Danny Tamberelli have both spoken out in support of the star.  Nikki told Life & Style that she doesn’t think there is any cause for concern saying, “she’s the same Amanda I met working on Hairspray.”; “I don’t think that’s a breakdown, but a breakthrough. I back Amanda 100 percent.”;  While Danny chose to take aim at another child star, Lindsay Lohan, after she criticized Amanda back in 2012. “Given her own history with the law, it’s absurd that [Lindsay] would be so quick to judge another young woman under this kind of public scrutiny,”; he told TMZ.

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