Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi are mourning their cat, Charlie.

On Friday, the talk show host tweeted out that Charlie had died.

“We had to say goodbye to Charlie today. She was an amazing cat and gave us so much love. One of the hardest decisions to make but so glad we could end her suffering,” DeGeneres said.

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DeGeneres adopted Charlie as an adult and has previously spoken about how he had the attitude of a dog.

She also told Good Housekeeping that while she loves all her pets and tries not to play favourites, she does.

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“I have three dogs (Wolf, Augie and Kid) and three cats (Charlie, George and Chairman). I would tell you more about them, but like any celebrity parent, I think it’s important to keep them out of the press,” she joked. “Do I have a favorite? I couldn’t possibly answer that! It’s Charlie.”