Pamela Anderson is revisiting her former “Baywatch” glory in a hilarious new Australian TV commercial.

In the spot for motor servicing company Auto Tune, Anderson, 52, rocks a black one-piece swimsuit as a hapless guy riding a dune buggy gets stuck in the sand, and then gets washed out to sea.

That’s when Anderson and her fellow lifeguards leap into action, recreating her iconic slow-motion run on the beach as only she can.

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In a 2019 interview with the New York Times, Anderson revealed her iconic red “Baywatch” swimsuit still fits her, and will occasionally put it on as a surprise for a lover. “I jump in the shower with a bathing suit and then jump on them wherever they are in the house, soaking wet,” she said.

She also explained that fans will sometimes bring her red bathing suits for her to autograph.

“Some people bring me bathing suits to sign autographs on and they are these big bathing suits and I say, ‘Listen, my bathing suit was tiny. It just stretched and pulled onto your body.’”