How Life Will Now Work For Prince Harry And Meghan Markle

Now that everything has been put out in the open about how Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will make their new life away from the royal family, a few questions are still left to be answered.

Will Harry and Meghan still have engagements in the U.K.?

Meghan is back in Canada, while Harry just had an engagement on Thursday but as the transition to private citizens won’t take place until the spring, the two continue to take on royal engagements in the U.K before then. Harry is said to have a few private meetings in the coming days but if we will see Meghan in public is up in the air. ITV Royal Reporters Chris Ship tweeted out that he asked the question and while the palace said “yes” to more engagements they would not comment on “the detail.”

Royal Watchers will still see Harry and Meghan in the U.K. for other events to support Queen Elizabeth like Trooping the Colour.

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How do we refer to them from now on?

Technically, Harry and Meghan won’t lose their HRH style but just can’t use it. The proper way to address the couple will be Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.

Harry will remain a prince.

Where will their money come from?

The couple will no longer receive money from the Sovereign Grant but Prince Charles will continue to provide “private financial support.” Right now he supports them with around $3.4 million from the Duchy of Cornwall but it is unsure where he will fund them from now on.

Harry and Meghan will be allowed to take commercial deals although none are understood to be in place at the moment.

What roles will they keep?

Part of stepping aside means Harry will lose a number of military positions. He will no longer be Hon. Air Commandant or Captain-General of the Royal Marines which he inherited from Prince Philip. Harry will no longer be Commonwealth Youth Ambassador but Harry and Meghan will remain to be President and Vice-President of The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust.

They will also be able to keep their patronages.

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What about security?

The palace is keeping tight-lipped on this one. It is still under review if the U.K. will continue to provide protection or if that will be handed over to Canada or a private company.

Can they still use “SussexRoyal”?

Harry and Meghan use SussexRoyal on social media but they also recently just trademarked the name ahead of the launch of their foundation this spring. The palace has yet to announce if they could use it but details are expected shortly.

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