Paris Hilton Says She Was ‘Playing A Character’ In Past Shows

Paris Hilton and ditzy blonde usually go hand-in-hand but the hotel heiress is opening up in a new documentary where she says she was only playing a “character” for all those years.

Hilton was at the Winter TCA to promote her YouTube doc “This is Paris” where she said her part in “The Simple Life” and other shows were all acting.

While speaking to Deadline, Hilton got real about how her new doc will really show the real her.

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“I’ve never done anything like this in my life,” she said while describing the experience as “raw”. “In this film I discuss things I’ve never discussed before. I hope that people are going to see who I truly am.”

“It follows me in my real life, everything I’ve done before was me playing a character. I was talking about things that are very hard to talk about. It was an amazing experience but it was very scary. I was freaking out,” she added.

Both Hilton and director Alexandra Dean originally didn’t want to be a part of the film.

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“When I first got the call, I said no. I had grown up in the UK and looking at Paris on the cover of every magazine and I thought she was that original influencer who had brought that influencer world upon us,” Dean said.

Hilton also addressed time on “The Simple Life” as she and Nicole Richie were portrayed as “airheads.”

“I was in on the joke,” she said. “Sometimes it is annoying people assuming I am the blonde airhead that I played on the show, but I like proving people wrong.”

“This is Paris” premieres on YouTube in May.


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